ACEO® 3D Printing with Silicones

Discover a World Premiere – 3D Printing of Real Elastomers

Enabled by ACEO® Technology

ACEO® is revolutionizing the world of additive manufacturing by introducing the world’s first real elastomer which can be 3D printed. Therefore proven silicone experts developed not only the material, but also software and hardware opening up new opportunities for various industries such as health care, automotive, electronics or even life style goods only to name a few.

ACEO® Technology

1. Computer

2. Printer

3. Support Material


Silicone chemists from WACKER developed ACEO® Silicones to match the specific needs of the 3D printing process enabling prototypes, small series or individualized and customized silicone products. The standard grade is available in different Shore hardness and colors. Part of the product portfolio is an environmentally friendly ACEO® Support Material which allows to 3D print undercuts or overhangs and can be washed out easily afterwards.


The ACEO® Imagine printers are empowered by advanced German engineering qualities. They work with an UV-curing system where single droplets are dosed on demand and cured layer by layer. This results in excellent mechanical properties of the printed part and outstanding isotropy achieving nearly the same values as parts from injection molding. After printing, the parts can be taken out of the printer immediately as they are fully cured and no further post-processing is needed.


The ACEO® Studio is our proprietary development based on the very specific needs of processing a highly viscous material. It is an integral part of the printers and allows constant performance control of the print job. The selection of single parameters allows adapting the printing process to the specific geometry of the part resulting in high quality silicone products.