Silicone Elastomers Summit, June 24th 2020

Silicone Elastomers Summit June 24th 2020

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Presenter: Sarah Burke, Open Print Lab Manager USA.
Title: ACEO® – 3D Printing Functional Prototypes with Liquid Silicone Rubber.

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is a high viscosity, addition-curing material used in a variety of applications, from healthcare to automotive, due to beneficial properties such as low-temperature flexibility, high elasticity, mechanical performance, and bio-compatibility. LSR is traditionally processed via injection molding, which requires expensive tooling for each new model or part. In order to bypass this limitation and quickly iterate designs, WACKER developed the first industrial 3D print process for silicones and provides its 3D print services under the ACEO® brand using true LSR without any plasticizers. ACEO® offers materials in varying color and hardness in the Shore A range, allowing the design of multi-functional and even multi-material parts with both hard and soft components to deliver complex engineering designs.

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