WACKER HDK® for 3D Printing Materials

HDK® (pyrogenic silica) is a well-established product that WACKER has produced for over 50 years and is used by customers worldwide with great success. The product is used in a wide range of applications, including as a filler for WACKER’s own silicone elastomer products. A relatively new growth application is the use of HDK® to improve the flow of polymer powders, needed for effective, high quality 3D printing with thermoplastics.

WACKER/ACEO® does not sell 3D printing materials as such, but as we are addressing a 3D audience here, we thought you may be interested to know about our HDK® portfolio. Here a brief summary, for more information please follow the link below.

Key features and benefits of HDK® for 3D polymer powders

  • HDK® can be incorporated into plastic powder using classic powder mixing processes, it disperses well on the particle´s surface
  • WACKER offers a broad portfolio that allows you to achieve optimum performance by selecting the right product – our technical support team will support you
  • HDK® is highly effective as it improves the flowability of 3D printing powders even at very low dosage levels of 0.1-0.5 weight %
  • Moisture absorption can be controlled through the HDK® product´s surface modification and degree of hydrophobicity – this is key to a robust performance under different humidity and temperature conditions
  • HDK® pyrogenic silica offers significant advantages over alternative solutions. Particularly with regard to the flow control, storage stability and purity HDK® products set standards
  • We recommend to use HDK® H2000 as a starting point, whereas semi-hydrophobic grades such as H30, H20, H15 can be evaluated for further optimization. HDK® N20 is used to improve flow in a variety of industries
  • HDK® is a synthetic product and so allows for a highly consistent product quality
  • Non-hazardous substance

For more information on our HDK® products klick here.