ACEO® Launches Haptic Anatomical Model Catalog

WACKER’s ACEO® team launches its anatomical model catalog at the IN(3D)USTRY exhibition in Barcelona. ACEO®’s unique drop-on-demand printing technology with silicone elastomers allows the realization of complex three-dimensional anatomical models that mimic biomechanics as no material did before. These models have been developed in cooperation with the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg and are now available for customers.

Anatomical models provide benefits in a range of healthcare applications today. They facilitate clinical training, visualization and simulation for surgical planning, patient clarification, simulations for medical device development and they can be used as personalized models for precision prosthetics.

Haptic anatomical models have gained more and more importance in clinics, universities as well as research institutes, as they display a more realistic look and feel of the parts. Silicone elastomers are particularly suitable to replicate soft tissue like blood vessels, heart sections, muscles or skin, due to their flexibility, elasticity and the ability to cut and suture these parts. ACEO®‘s 3D printing technology allows for the manufacturing of highly complex models made with real silicones. The print materials ACEO® uses are pure silicone elastomers, the same type that has been used in the Healthcare industry for decades. All ACEO® general purpose materials have been certified for biocompatibility according to ISO10993 and USP Class VI.

According to Egbert Klaassen, global marketing director at ACEO®, “anatomical models made with real silicone elastomers demonstrate how realistic they can be. A basic catalog including a blood vessel, an aortic arch, an aortic valve and a tricuspid valve were developed in collaboration with experts from universities, clinics and research institutes and are intended for general use. These models can be ordered as such, however, we also welcome customers to upload and order their own models in the ACEO® Web Shop to address their individual needs“.

Image showing anatomical models 3D printed with silicone

Anatomical models from left to right: aortic arch, blood vessel, aortic valve, tricuspid valve, all printed with silicone rubber. ACEO®’s 3D technology enables realistic reproductions of human organs and the manufacturing of biocompatible silicone rubber components increasingly needed in science and in the healthcare industry. (photo: WACKER)

About ACEO®

WACKER’s 3D printing technology ACEO® is the world’s first industrial-scale technology for the additive manufacturing of liquid silicone rubber components. The unique drop-on-demand technology allows design freedom and the printing of highly functional parts while maintaining the outstanding properties of silicone rubber such as temperature and radiation resistance or biocompatibility. Printed silicone rubber components can be used in a wide range of applications and in several key industries such as the automotive, aerospace & aviation, healthcare and equipment industry as well as in mechanical engineering. ACEO® offers several services including design support, training sessions at its print lab and a webshop for secure file upload and ordering. ACEO® is a registered trademark of WACKER.

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