ACEO® launches Japanese Website and Webshop

Since the launch in 2016, WACKER’s ACEO® 3D printing with silicones technology has gained popularity across many industries and markets. This year, the ACEO® team planned to introduce its services during the AM Expo Japan which was held February 26-28 in Chiba-city, Japan. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak at the time, the ACEO® team, co-exhibitors and many visitors decided not to participate.

Instead ACEO® took the initiative to make its new website available in Japanese in order to make ACEO® more accessible to the Japanese market. The new Japanese website provides information on 3D printing with silicones, application use cases, FAQs and several downloads explaining how to use ACEO® services.

ACEO® launched its new webshop which will also be available in Japanese! The webshop offers a convenient and secure way to upload .STL files. Following the success of the English webshop, the team wanted to ensure Japanese customers can manage their requests, quotes and orders in their own language.

So yet another premiere: the world’s first 3D printing with silicones website and webshop come to Japan! We hope that ACEO® ‘s Japanese online presence facilitates the use of ACEO® print services for the Japanese market.

About ACEO®

WACKER’s 3D printing technology ACEO® is the world’s first industrial-scale technology for the additive manufacturing of parts based on liquid silicone rubber. The unique drop-on-demand technology allows design freedom and the printing of highly functional parts while maintaining the outstanding properties of silicone rubber such as temperature resistance or biocompatibility. Printed silicone rubber components are used in key industries such as automotive, aerospace & aviation, healthcare as well as mechanical engineering. ACEO® offers a full-service package including training sessions in the Open Print Labs in Germany and the US, design support and a webshop for secure file upload and ordering.