Adding Another Piece to ACEO®‘s Puzzle

image showing ACEO®'s US Print Lab Manager Sarah Burke

ACEO®‘s US Print Lab Manager Sarah Burke during her training in Burghausen (Photo: ACEO®; Wacker Chemie AG)

Sarah Burke will manage ACEO®’s new US print lab, which will be opening later this year. We spoke with her during her training in Burghausen and learned about her first impressions and how she will support ACEO®’s growth in the U.S.

Sarah, what is your professional background?

I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a master’s degree in chemistry. My focus was small molecule synthesis, so mostly organic synthesis and characterization.

How did you join WACKER?

After university I looked for opportunities nearby because I wanted to stay close to family and friends. WACKER has its North American headquarters in Adrian, Michigan, which is not far from where I come from.

Two years ago they opened a research and development center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which is about one hour away from Adrian. So I applied for a job and felt a great chemistry during the interviews there.

When I started we were a small group of only 6 people, which had a lot of start-up character and felt like working with family. I was involved in fundamental product research for construction applications and consumer care.

When did you learn about ACEO®?

When I started at WACKER two years ago I also had a tour of the ACEO® facilities in Burghausen. So I’ve known about ACEO® practically from the start.

How come you joined ACEO®?

This summer Sebastian from the Burghausen team came to visit and he pitched the idea of a US print lab located in Ann Arbor. I did not have to think twice about it and got involved into the project right away: My chemistry background and silicone foundation with WACKER were the perfect start. Managing ACEO®’s US print lab is a cool opportunity for me to learn something new, master new challenges and work with a great team.

What does your new role as US Print Lab Manager include?

First of all, the idea of having a print lab in the U.S. results from the increasing demand of customers in the area who need in-depth information on the technology. So the printers we will have at Ann Arbor are meant to show ACEO®’s capability to the customers here.

While my colleague Ty will be traveling a lot to promote ACEO® in the Americas, my job is to make sure that customers visiting the print lab understand the ACEO® technology.

How will you work together with the Burghausen team?

Right now I am in Burghausen for a six-week training at ACEO®. The goal is to get to know the ins and outs of 3D printing, designing parts etc.
Going back to Ann Arbor without the full know-how of the team nearby may sound like a big challenge but I know I can rely on the technical resources to be there for me when I need them.

What are your first impressions as ACEO® team member?

It is great for me to be in Burghausen so I can see the team environment and make good connections with everyone. Also I am not afraid to be working in a satellite position – there are only 12 people at this point working in Ann Arbor, which is very reminiscent of the ACEO® team. And again – I can absolutely rely on the experts even from afar.

What fascinates you most about ACEO®’s technology?

It is great for me to get to know 3D printing from the inside. It is exciting to see a little bit of everything from everyone. What strikes me the most is the way all of those moving parts work together and being able to bring it all together and give that knowledge to customers.

3D printing with silicones is something that no one else has done before. If you change one tiny little piece of the puzzle the result is totally different. I look forward to educating our customers in the Americas about it!