Development Services

At ACEO® we understand 3D printing as an emerging technology. This is why we believe in joined forces: you share your ideas or needs with us, we tailor solutions for you. We are an interdisciplinary team which is more than the sum of its parts. We feel inspired by our customers’ challenges and aim to provide the best solution for them.

Your Need is Our Command

Your challenge: You have a product idea but do not know how to realize it?

Get in touch with us. We offer a comprehensive product design service. We are happy to support you in bringing your ideas to life. You work pen to paper, we work software to printer. In between we define wall thickness, inner structure and desired look.

Your challenge: Your 3D-printed silicone part should offer additional properties like biocompatibility or electrical strength? Or you want a special color?

Contact our team. We offer a material engineering service. Our product technology roadmap mirrors already many needs we anticipate to be of relevance for the market. Let us double-check and find out if there is something special we can develop for you in one of our chemistry labs.

Your challenge: You want to integrate functionality in your part or reduce assembly?

We are at your service. Again product design will be at your disposal. 3D printing is a perfect choice for realizing intelligent structures and lattices. The same counts for “impossible products” which could not have been produced with any other technology before – or only by assembly. Our creativity will be your asset.
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