A Dialog Throughout Industries

Image showing ACEO®'s Global Marketing Director, Egbert Klaassen

Egbert Klaassen, ACEO®‘s Global Marketing Director (Photo: ACEO®; Wacker Chemie AG)

Egbert Klaassen recently joined ACEO® as global marketing director. Learn how his in-depth experience across industries helps the brand promote ACEO®’s unique solution.

Can you tell us about your professional background?

I studied Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Technology in Delft, The Netherlands and graduated on Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) back in the nineties. I started my career as an application development engineer at The Dow Chemical company. In this role, I performed computer-aided engineering (CAE) projects for engineering plastics customers.

After that I joined GE Bayer Silicones (now Momentive Performance Materials) where I held different marketing positions. My first position there was Industry Manager for Consumer Goods and Healthcare. Later I assumed RTV responsibilities for various market segments including automotive, electronics and textile coatings. My last position before ACEO® was global marketing of specialty monomers at Hexion B.V..

How come you joined ACEO® as Global Marketing Director? 

ACEO® is looking to scale up its silicone 3D printing business. When I heard about the marketing position at ACEO®, I was excited right from the start as it brings me back to my educational roots. At the same time, this gives me the opportunity to leverage my experience in the area of silicones, marketing, application development and even CAE!

What advantage do you see in 3D Printing vs. conventional processes? 

During the course of my career, I developed in-depth expertise on plastic processes, especially injection molding and extrusion. These processes are obviously well established for mass produced items.

3D Printing however enables a new class of highly functional parts that are economically feasible for low series or even single use applications. So the 3D Technology can be effectively applied in several areas such as prototyping, personalized products, spare parts and in “low series industries” like aerospace & aviation, rail, equipment and machinery, plants, marine and many more.

What are the advantages of ACEO® over other additive manufacturing technologies? 

What is unique about ACEO® is that we are printing silicone elastomers from our mothership WACKER – which brings a young brand like ACEO® over 70 years of silicone know-how – and that we use our proprietary ACEO® printing technology. The resulting 3D-printed parts can meet technical specifications and provide performance comparable to liquid silicone rubbers with typical properties like high heat resistance, mechanical performance, chemical resistance (incl. sterilization performance) as well as regulatory compliance.

ACEO® offers a range of silicone elastomer material options, with hardnesses currently ranging from 20 to 60 Shore A. We also offer a selection of colors that have been tested for regulatory compliance. The latest addition to our portfolio is a fluorosilicone elastomer that offers improved media resistance. We expect to launch more new 3D Silicone innovations soon, stay tuned!

What were your fist impressions in your new role?

I always looked at WACKER as a high quality company that is focused on customer intimacy and driving customer value. In my first months I am very impressed with the quality and capabilities of WACKER in general and the spirit to innovate and make things happen by the ACEO® team specifically. ACEO® has the best of both worlds: entrepreneurship of a startup company with the quality and support of WACKER, a world class Silicone producer.

What are you up to next?

The ACEO® 3D Printing technology and capabilities are at a point where we can scale up to penetrate key industries and drive globalization. Our production setup and quality standards are ready to serve key OEMS and to realize high performance applications.

So I would like to reach out to major industry players and get into the dialog on how to make 3D silicones available as a standard option next to other processing technologies. I am looking forward to supporting our customers use ACEO®‘s technology to innovate, increase functionality, to save cost, reduce storage, or all of the above!