The ACEO® Team Developed a Method to Print Fluorosilicones

WACKER’s ACEO® team has developed a method to print Fluorosilicones – again a milestone in 3D printing with silicones. Fluorosilicone will be presented at the 3D Print 2018 in Lyon, France at the Wacker Chemie AG booth E13 for the first time.

Fluorosilicones combine the excellent high and low temperature properties of silicones with good resistance of fluorocarbons. Fluorosilicones are used for sealing applications in the industries requiring resistance to fuels, oils, and lubricants. They are often a good choice for sealing systems for a temperature range from -50°C to 150°C.

ACEO® is launching 3D printing technology with fluorosilicone at the 3D Print in Lyon 2018 (Booth E13) and will display the first sample parts. New applications in the fields of automobiles, aerospace and rail vehicles become reality. This invites engineers and product designers to think outside the traditional path and imagine taking advantage of this novel technology for functional prototypes, replacement parts, or previously impossible product designs.

“This is only the beginning of a series of novel materials for ACEO® silicone 3D Printing”, says Bernd Pachaly, head of Wacker Chemie 3D Printing brand ACEO®. “In the next couple of month we will introduce functional silicones enabling unprecedented functionalities of silicone product designs”.

Silicone Formulation and curing chemistry

When ACEO® started, the vision was to 3D print silicone elastomers with results similar to injection-molded liquid silicone rubber (LSR). The formulations are based on over 70 years of silicone experience of Wacker Chemie AG. The basic formulation combines polymer with reinforcing filler, cross linker and addition-cure catalyst, which does not differ from LSR. The silicones are 100% elastomeric and do not contain acrylates or urethanes. The Platinum catalyst is activated by UV light, which means it is not thermally activated.

ACEO® at 3D Print 2018

Visit ACEO® to get a live presentation of Fluorosilicones and discuss with experts. Find us at the Wacker Chemie AG booth E13.

General Information

About ACEO®

ACEO® is a registered trademark of Wacker Chemie AG. WACKER is a globally active chemical company with some 13,450 employees and annual sales of around €4,6 billion (2016). WACKER has a global network of 23 production sites, 19 technical competence centers and 49 sales offices.

ACEO®: A Success Story

When ACEO® first introduced its technology in 2016, the development of their system solution was a milestone in additive manufacturing. Their silicones were the first elastomers which can be 3D printed while maintaining their outstanding properties such as temperature and radiation resistance or biocompatibility. ACEO® developed both hardware and software for their unique material and technology, and launched the world’s first web shop for 3D printing with silicones.

In July 2017, ACEO® opened their Open Print Lab in Burghausen to offer tailor-made 3D printing programs for customers. Participants will go through individual trainings, consisting of theoretical and printing sessions from additive manufacturing basics to advanced design. This first-hand experience helps to understand how ACEO®‘s system solution matches the customers’ needs and gives valuable insights for future product design.

Open Print Lab

Register up to four participants for a tailor-made Open Print Lab training at the ACEO® Campus in Burghausen at

ACEO® Web Shop

Register to ACEO®’s web shop, upload your individual design and have it 3D printed and shipped worldwide.

Further information

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