From WACKER Apprentice to ACEO® Ambassador

Image showing ACEO®'s Marketing Assistant Simona Popp with a 3D-printed sample part made of silicone

ACEO®‘s Marketing Assistant Simona Popp with a 3D-printed sample part made of silicone (Photo: ACEO®‘; Wacker Chemie AG)

Marketing Assistant Simona Popp started her professional career as an apprentice at WACKER. Learn how her path took her to ACEO® and how she helps the team spread the word about 3D printing with silicones.

Can you tell us about your educational background?

I finished school in Burghausen with a technical diploma with focus on economics. Both of my parents have worked at WACKER for many years. Unlike me they have a background in chemistry and also work in this field. Nonetheless WACKER is a well-known and renowned employer in our area – and only five minutes away from my home. So I decided to follow my parents’ path and started my apprenticeship at WACKER as management assistant in office communication.

And how did your professional education take you to ACEO®?

My focus was in marketing and sales. But when you go through your training at WACKER you get to see all the different operational and administrative fields. So I was on a rotation with a three-month cycle, which led me to the ACEO® team last year as part of my training.

What would you consider the main challenges in your apprenticeship?

Definitely the terminology (laughs). Big companies tend to have a “secret” vocabulary or language for each department, product etc. It was really tough at the beginning to understand what my superior colleagues were talking about. Let alone taking minutes during meetings!

Why did you re-join the ACEO® team?

I got to know many different departments from power supply to corporate communications. My main goal was to find a position which allows me to face diversified challenges and at the same time provides a mix of office and travel time.

When I was at ACEO® I really got along well with everyone and was so excited to be part of this groundbreaking technology. I liked how much I learned working in a comparatively small team. One thing led to another and we agreed that I would stay at ACEO® in the last stages of my training. I will officially finish my apprenticeship in February 2019 but could already start working in my future marketing assistant job, where I focus on direct marketing, sample parts and events.

What would you consider ACEO®’s USPs?

That’s easy: a great team, a very familiar atmosphere, and a fascinating product and technology. I really appreciate that everyone takes the time it needs to help you understand every single detail.

Take the medical field – it is almost unbelievable what we can do today. We can print anatomical models that simulate the different degrees of hardness in human tissue. I am proud that I can now contribute to educating customers about the endless opportunities of 3D printing with silicones.