Creating Tomorrow’s Solutions

Image showing Franziska Chatzisaros at ACEO®'s headquarters

ACEO®’s Sales Manager Franziska Chatzisaros (right) during her onboarding training in Burghausen (Photo: ACEO®; Wacker Chemie AG)

Franziska Chatzisaros recently joined ACEO® as Sales Manager. In our interview she shares insights into her professional background and her first impressions.

Franziska, what did you do before you joined ACEO®?

I started at WACKER right after school. Their dual study program allowed me to get to know the company from scratch. In these three years, I worked in different departments and locations, studied at the University of South Wales, the Baden-Wurttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) Heidenheim, and was part of a project in the US.
After that I worked in raw material procurement for over 2.5 years, which had been one of the focus areas of my in-house training. Currently I am finishing my master in sales management.

How did you learn about ACEO®?

To be honest – I had no previous touchpoints with the team. But when I heard about their unique setup and mission I was really keen on working in this startup inside a global player. Where else can you add value throughout the value chain and benefit from the expertise of an international company?

How can ACEO® benefit from your expertise in raw material procurement?

Having worked with suppliers for over 2.5 years I know a lot about their needs and challenges. Back then I was responsible for more than 600 raw materials, together with a biochemist in a project tandem. With this experience I have a great overview of the silicone supply chain, I know how important the quality of the material is and what processes or tests you need to undergo in order to approve your material.

At ACEO® one of my key tasks is to educate about our material and technology, and to help our customers along their internal approval processes. This is exactly what I had been doing in my previous function: declare specifications, initiate necessary tests, get the right approvals etc. Now I can focus on one material that has manifold properties and is truly unique in 3D printing. Our silicones must maintain their properties no matter in what kind of shape they are merged. And our customers need to verify it to integrate us in their production.

Why did you switch from procurement to sales?

To me it was always clear that I wanted to work in sales. Throughout my career I had contact with external parties, which I really liked a lot. At ACEO® I can work with customers in different regions and consult them in very early stages of their product development in the field of high-tech applications. This feels much more like a partnership than a sales relationship to me.

Sales at ACEO® also means that you get to see many exciting visions for future technologies from the customers, and you are a part of it. Our team is not working from 9-5 – we are all committed to achieving great results. And while our mothership WACKER’s claim is “creating tomorrow’s solutions”, we are living proof for it. We ARE tomorrow’s solutions. And I am sure that we will keep this title especially when it comes to real elastomers.

Can you describe your first months with the team?

Every day is completely different. Apart from our onboarding program the main focus is learning by doing. We are a small team and if I need to know something I can ask everyone. The team is so fresh, so dynamic and I am trying my best to contribute with my energy and curiosity.

When I am not travelling to customers or attending trade shows, I spend a lot of time with my customers in Burghausen. They really appreciate the opportunity to see first hand how the magic happens. It is a unique experience for them to 3D print real elastomer and create their own test part or prototype in our open Print Lab. When they come to us, they know much better how to use our technology and at the same time we can show them a greater variety of 3D printed parts.

What is your mission at ACEO®?

Working at ACEO® gives you the unique opportunity to work in a startup within a global company. We provide solutions for various industries from healthcare to transport or lifestyle. What we do is unique – we can adjust all parameters throughout the process from scratch and this create endless opportunities.

My mission is to spread the news to customers, to educate them about our latest developments and to increase ACEO®’s awareness in relevant segments and markets. My sales colleague Ty (read story) and I are an ideal team for this challenge with his background in healthcare and mine in procurement at WACKER.