More than an Operator: The various tasks of our production team

In his daily routine, Sebastian Nitsch is both operator and multitasker for ACEO® (Photo: ACEO®; Wacker Chemie AG).

Sebastian Nitsch talks about his everyday tasks as an Operator at ACEO®. In his Interview he makes clear why it´s important to be a “multitasker” when you work in this position.

Sebastian, you joined ACEO® as an Operator in February 2019. What did you do before?

I started my apprenticeship as a chemical technician in September 2001 at WACKER. Before I decided to break new ground, I had been working in the field of dispersed polymer powder for 14 years.

When did you hear about ACEO® for the first time?

Previously, I had read about WACKER´s ambitions to build a new brand with focus on additive manufacturing with the company´s silicones. After a while, I came across the job advertisement for my current position and was instantly curious to learn more about it. Being part of a project where you join the development and you´re allowed to implement tests sounded interesting for me. A job that makes me able to try out something new without fixed workflows was exactly what I wanted to do.

Working in this job for a while now, what were your first impressions?

Working here is very versatile. As an operator at ACEO® it is important to be proactive and to think along the working processes. Our area of responsibility is very diverse. It includes the maintenance of our printers, shipping, performing quality tests and laboratory work.

What are the biggest challenges of your daily work?

3D printing with silicones is a relatively new technology. Due to this, the print process settings may need to be adjusted from time to time to obtain optimal results – especially when complex parts are involved. This optimization involves the consideration of the silicone material, machine settings and part design. It is our job to use our expertise to find the correct settings to print a perfect part.

What do you like the most about your work at ACEO®?

Like I said, my job is exciting because every day is different. As we still make a lot of efforts in research and development of additive manufacturing with silicones, you can bring your own ideas. Even as a newbie you´re instantly accepted. Suggestions for improvements are not undermined but actually tested. In general, the whole Team at ACEO® is open minded towards a fresh breeze from outside.

What also makes a lot of fun is the positive working environment. As a member at ACEO® you´re in a good relationship with everyone regardless of the position. Because of the personal, familiar atmosphere you can talk to your direct colleagues as well as to the management level in cases of difficulties or suggestions.

Back to 3d printing with silicones. What is the most fascinating about this technology for you?

The wide range of 3d printed objects made of silicon is just amazing. And the development is still progressing. The pieces we are currently printing are of good quality. But the more advanced the research is on this field the more possibilities reveal. I believe that this technology has a great future ahead of it.