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Feature Stories

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ACEO® 3D Printing with Silicones Improves Safety of Football Helmets

Two US companies have developed a new type of helmet that will better protect players of American football against traumatic brain injuries.

Customized Robot Gripper Designs using 3D Printing with Silicone

Soft robotics are flexible, light weight and can adjust to many tasks, while improving safety when working alongside of humans.

The Face Behind our Client Service Responses

Sarah Wagner shares insights into her daily tasks in administration and assistance at ACEO®.

Image showing a multi-material silicone liver model with tumors – 3D printed with ACEO®’s drop-on-demand technology

Multi-Material 3D Printing Meets Microscopic Surgery

Fredrick Johnson Joseph’s research at ARTORG focuses on image-guided therapy for microsurgical applications.

Image showing a silicone gingiva mask – 3D printed with ACEO®’s drop-on-demand technology

Innovative at Heart: a Story of 3D Printing and Dental Technology

Josef Schweiger, M.Sc., head of the dental laboratory of the Polyclinic for Dental Prosthetics in Munich, on 3D printing in his industry.

image showing ACEO®'s US Print Lab Manager Sarah Burke

Adding Another Piece to ACEO®‘s Puzzle

Sarah Burke will manage ACEO®’s new US print lab, which will be opening later this year.

Image showing ACEO®'s Marketing Assistant Simona Popp with a 3D-printed sample part made of silicone

From WACKER Apprentice to ACEO® Ambassador

Marketing Assistant Simona Popp started her professional career as an apprentice at WACKER.

Image showing a Deutsche Bahn train

Keeping the Wheels Rolling

Deutsche Bahn is investigating 3D printing as a means of reproducing critical components.

Image showing ACEO®'s Global Marketing Director, Egbert Klaassen

A Dialog Throughout Industries

Egbert Klaassen recently joined ACEO® as global marketing director.