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Feature Stories

The best stories are taken from real life. We invite you to browse our feature stories and discover how you can benefit from both our team and technology.

Image showing a Deutsche Bahn train

Keeping the Wheels Rolling

Deutsche Bahn is investigating 3D printing as a means of reproducing critical components.

Image showing ACEO®'s Global Marketing Director, Egbert Klaassen

A Dialog Throughout Industries

Egbert Klaassen recently joined ACEO® as global marketing director.

Image showing Lara Liu operating an ACEO® IMAGINE printer

Exploring China’s Huge Potential

Lara Liu represents ACEO® in China – one of the most important 3D Print markets.

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ACEO’s Web Shop from A to Z

In 2016, ACEO® introduced the world’s first web shop for 3D-printed parts made of 100% silicone.

Image showing quality control of a 3D-printed silicone part at ACEO®

The Benefits of 100% Silicone

Before ACEO® first launched their revolutionary technology, silicone could not be 3D-printed.

Image showing Franziska Chatzisaros at ACEO®'s headquarters

Creating Tomorrow’s Solutions

Franziska Chatzisaros recently joined ACEO® as Sales Manager.

Image showing Ty Larson at ACEO®'s headquarters

A Silicone 3D Printing Evangelist

The opportunities of 3D printing with silicones are growing – so is the ACEO® team.

Image showing Sebastian Wimmer at ACEO®'s production site

Inside the 4th Generation Startup

Hardware engineer Sebastian Wimmer is one of ACEO®’s original pioneers.

Image showing a 3D-printed silicone prototype seal by ACEO® used by Le Joint Technique

The Best Sealing of Both Worlds

How can processes such as injection molding and 3D printing go hand in hand …