Open Print Lab

There is no better way to understand a technology than by first-hand experience. Our Open Print Lab in Burghausen, Germany, was built for you to learn about ACEO®’s technology from our experts, print your own designs and compare your parts with other printing technologies.


Step In and Explore

Define individual workshop goals for you and your team

Gain knowledge about the unique ACEO® technology

Understand better due to hands-on experience

Print customized parts with your own design

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Our trainings are customized to your specific needs. After registration, we develop an agenda focusing on the desired outcome. This list of theoretical and practical trainings gives you an idea of a typical workshop rundown.

Theory Trainings

  • Additive Manufacturing

Welcome to a new world

  • Silicone Elastomers

A chemical introduction for beginners

  • Freedom of Design

Explore novel territories with integration of functionalities and lattice structures

  • 3D Printing in Healthcare

Discover material properties and suitable applications

Hands-On Trainings

  • Get Started

A basic introduction to understand the principles of the technology

  • Advanced Design Thinking

Align technology, process and design for optimal results

  • Feel the Difference

Compare different silicone grades and combine them with designs

  • Imagine

Your design – our technology & guidance – your part

Professional Facilitators

We have built up an interdisciplinary team around our customer service representatives. Our disciplines range from material and design expertise, to engineering capabilities and advanced software skills. We will tailor an agenda for your day at the ACEO® Open Print Lab – facilitated by our team’s competences.

ACEO® Campus

Burghausen is the original WACKER location and the ACEO® center of technology today. We base our in-depth knowledge on 70 years of expertise in manufacturing silicones. We have a reputation of sharing our knowledge with customers through our WACKER Academy network. The ACEO® Campus hosts the Open Print Lab for 3D printing. A second Open Print Lab will be opened in Ann Arbor, USA, early 2019.

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