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ACEO® Design Guidelines

Key Recommendations

Bounding Box <200 cm3

The build platform should fit within
the platform dimensions

Wall Thickness > 1 mm

Walls, holes and other
features should be > 1 mm

Small Features > 1 mm

Seal Design for
Injection MoldingSeal Design for 3D Printing

This Services area provides useful information for new customers that have questions about ACEO®‘s capabilities as well as for buying customers that would like to access our service offering such as open print lab sessions.

See the complete set of our
ACEO® Design Guidelines


Is my information secure with ACEO®?

In our daily work, the confidentiality of personal data and customer projects against third parties has top priority.

All rooms are protected by a chip-controlled access system. For every required stay in the offices or Print Fab, secrecy obligations are concluded. There are written secrecy obligations with all employees.

What about my CAD files, do I need an NDA?

An NDA is not necessary to do business with ACEO®. When uploading your CAD model to our web shop, we employ state-of-the-art encryption and anything you upload will be treated as confidential by us. Our web shop is hosted in a state-of-the art IT environment in Germany. Furthermore, ACEO® prints all parts in-house.

What materials do ACEO® use?
ACEO® prints with real silicone elastomers. The performance of the cured parts is comparable to ELASTOSIL® liquid silicone rubber from WACKER.

Do you post cure all parts and why?
It is our standard process to post cure parts to minimize volatiles and to maximize mechanical performance.
Conditions: 4 hours at 200 °C.

What new materials are you developing?
We just introduced ACEO® Imagine GP Shore A 50, we may further expand our hardness range. Subscribe to ACEO® communications to stay informed.

Can you print any geometries?
We can print real 3D parts by using water soluble support material. This allows for overhangs, bridges, hollow parts and lattice structures.

What are your key design guidelines?
Our building platform is 48 x 48 x 30 cm.

We can readily print digital models that have a bounding box volume of up to 200 cm³. Depending on the complexity of your part, higher volumes may also be possible though.

Wall thicknesses and holes generally need to be >1 mm.

Please check our Design Guidelines for more details at:

How does ACEO®‘s drop on demand process work?
Silicone material is ejected in the form of droplets (voxels).

The droplets are applied layer-by-layer and the silicone is cured after each layer.

The ACEO® drop-on-demand process allows the printing of complex 3D geometries accurately.

How fast is your printer?
The time to print a part strongly depends on the part design. Regular orders are printed within 10 working days after the order has been placed.

What is ACEO?
Wacker Chemie AG offers its “3D printing with silicones” services under the ACEO® brand.

ACEO® prints and delivers 3D silicone elastomer parts directly from CAD files.

Note: ACEO® does not sell machines or 3D printable silicones or support material.

What do ACEO® printed parts cost?
Our price is mainly volume dependent and covers materials, printing and services. Note: support material is part of the printable volume.

Low volumes are higher cost per cm3 because of the machine setup cost.

You can ask for a quote in our web shop:

Do you have any rebate programs?
We offer contracts for planned volume over a range of 6 months or more.

“Flex” color rebate applies upon selection, in that case ACEO® can choose the color.

We also offer quantity discount.

Can ACEO® printed products be used in Healthcare applications?
This is up to customers to determine but our policy does not allow ISO10993 applications beyond classification 2a. Long term implants are class III.

Otherwise, we have the necessary ISO10993 and USP Class VI biocompatibility certificates for compliance up to Class 2a usage for all ACEO® Imagine GP materials.

Can ACEO® technology be used for baby nipple applications?

Not for the moment, we currently investigating whether we will be able support this application.

Where do you print, do you have enough capacity?
Our global Print Fab is in Burghausen, Germany.

ACEO® continues to expand its print capacity to keep up with the fast growing demand.

What about the ACEO® part quality?
We fulfill the current and local requirements as well as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.

The tolerances of our 3D printed parts in the length dimensions are in line with: DIN ISO 2768-1 v.

We have a resolution of ~0.4 mm and non-horizontal surfaces will show a layered structure.

What if my part is larger than 200 cm3?

ACEO® continues to improve its capabilities. If the building box of your part is >200 cm3, we may still be able to print. Just upload your file in our Web Shop and we will be happy to review.

What is “Part Fusion”?

If your part is really too large to print in one go, we suggest to consider “Part Fusion”. This means you divide your part in multiple segments so that you can glue them together! For more information click here: Part Fusion PDF

Other question?
If your question is not covered, please contact us:

Business Service Standards

Request Type

Service standards vary by request type as follows:

  • Instant Quote: Provides real-time pricing and wall thickness evaluation. After you checkout, ACEO® will evaluate your part within 48 hours. Once we can confirm printability, your order will be executed. Note: in some cases we may not be able to provide real-time information, in which case you will be asked to create a request. Instant quote information is not available for multi-material parts or parts that use electrically conductive silicones.
  • Informal request: You can send us your part request by describing your project and submitting attachments. This option is particularly useful if you do not have a CAD file to upload.

Lead Times

Below a representation of the maximum lead times valid for regular web shop request:

Part Size

Part Size between 1 cm³ – 200 cm³

  • Typically printable
  • Minimum order size 100 Eur/part

Part Size < 1 cm³

  • On request
  • May be printabel but needs review

Larger parts > 200 cm³

  • May be printable but needs review
  • Very large parts typically not feasible


  • Price covers print services and materials
  • The ACEO® price module is mainly volume dependant (silicone and support material)
  • Rebates can be obtained based on planned volume and lead time flexibility
  • Multi-material and electrically conductive parts are more expensive to compensate for material cost and setup time
  • Flex rebate i.e. ACEO picks a color ranges from ~10% (smaller parts) to ~3% (larger parts)