4 Steps to your 3D printed part:

1. Register

We provide our service to B2B customers (registered companies) only.

Please make sure that you register with the correct company name (legal entity) and the VAT and/or company registration number.

2. Upload your File

We can print parts up to a bounding box volume of approx. 200 cm³ depending on the complexity.

Please check the dimension of your uploaded part: mm, cm or inch.

Before uploading please review the Design Guidelines to ensure printing feasibility.

3. Get Your Quote & Pay

Instant Quote or Manual Request (we will evaluate your file and send a quote). To order, please note that we only accept pre-payment by invoice, credit card or PayPal.

4. Shipping

Our standard lead time is 10 days after payment receipt.

Secrecy Policy

In our daily work, the confidentiality of personal data and customer projects against third parties has top priority.

All rooms are protected by a chip-controlled access system. For every required stay in the offices or Print Fab, secrecy obligations are concluded. There are written secrecy obligations with all employees.

IT standards at WACKER follow the highest security standards. Files uploaded in our web shop are stored on a server based in Frankfurt, Germany.


Healthcare Policy

Unintended use for ACEO® 3D printed silicone objects are all implantable medical devices and all long-term surgically invasive medical devices of Classes IIb and III. WACKER CHEMIE AG expressly prohibits this use. Please ask the ACEO service team for a copy of the detailed WACKER healthcare policy at

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