Real Silicones

100% Silicone – Designed for endless ApplicationsElasticity Meets Functionality

Key Properties of 3D-Printed Silicone Rubber

Image showing a UV-resistant 3D-printed part made of ACEO® silicones
UV Resistance
Image showing a sterilizable 3D-printed part made of ACEO® silicones
Image showing a hermally stable 3D-printed part made of ACEO® silicones
Thermal Stability

ACEO® Silicones are the first elastomer and thus the first real elastic material which can be 3D printed. This is what the world of prototyping, rapid production, small series and customization has long been waiting for. Throughout the 3D printing process silicones keep their outstanding properties enabling them for demanding engineering applications.


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Crosslinking Reaction (Platinum-Cure)

Our Silicones At a Glance


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