Silicones – Introducing a New Material for 3D Printing

Pushing the Boundaries and Enabling the Impossible

Elasticity Meets Functionality
close-up of liquid silicone

ACEO® Silicones are the first elastomer thus the first real elastic material which can be 3D printed. This is what the world of prototyping, rapid production, small series and customization has long been waiting for. Throughout the 3D printing process silicones keep their outstanding properties enabling them for demanding engineering applications.


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Integrated Functionality

A Modern High-Tech Material

Silicones convince with their manifold properties like temperature stability, biocompatibility, electrical strength and many more. They are available in all kinds of colors and shades including black and even highly-transparent grades. This makes them perfect for the most diverse applications ranging from automotive to health care to individual lifestyle products.

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Mainfold Properties of Silicones - Designed for Endless Applications
The resistance of silicones to temperature & radiation ranges from minus 50 to plus 300 degree Celcius.
Further beneficial properties of silicones are their transparency and biocompatibility.
Silicones allow full range of colours.
Silicones are available in different durometers. From very soft, like skin, to hard.
Silicones are likewise electrically conductive and insulating which allows miscellaneous applications in the field of electronics.

Designed by Experts

ACEO® is a brand of WACKER SILICONES which is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of silicones, silanes and silica. We stand out for seven decades of know-how, comprehensive expertise and customer proximity. This is why we can develop specific silicone grades which fit the needs of your market and the process of our ACEO® Imagine printers.

ACEO® Silicones

The initial product portfolio offers a variety of durometer hardness of silicones ranging from Shore A 10 to Shore A 80. Additionally, different colors including black and translucent grades are available. The support material is our own development guaranteeing easy handling and environmental compatibility. Our product portfolio is still young, but constantly growing.

Do you need a silicone with special properties? We are here to develop it for you.