The Face Behind our Client Service Responses

If you have a question as an ACEO® client you might get in contact with our Intern Sales Manager and CSR Sarah Wagner. In this interview she tells us what else she´s doing apart from caring about your customers´ orders.

Sarah, can you tell us about your educational background?

Of course! After I graduated in 2016, I started an apprenticeship at WACKER as a Euro Management Assistant. During the three-year apprenticeship, I was deployed in three different WACKER locations and passed various departments: In Burghausen, I got insights in site communications, for instance. At the WACKER headquarter in Munich, I worked for the Corporate Communications and the Wacker Digital Team. A great experience was also my training time in Melbourne, where I was in the Sales department. After my final exams, I officially got to ACEO® in July 2019.

Why did you go to WACKER after you graduated school?

On general and particularly in our region, WACKER is known as top employer and leading chemical group. Being employee at the concern can be a big door opener for your career. After graduation, I wanted to do an apprenticeship as a Euro Management Assistant. As WACKER provided this training position, I took the chance and applied for the job.

How did you join ACEO®?

After my apprenticeship, I wanted an interface function between administration and assistance. When I had my exams done, this position appealed to me due to the combination of organizational tasks, foreign languages and customer contact. Because of the new setup and the advantages of a startup, ACEO® in Lindach also provides a lot of benefits. On the one side, we benefit from the long-term experience of a leading chemical group: Already existing customers, different business units and a broad network. On the other side we have the possibility to act independent through our own brand name and our ACEO® Campus in Lindach, Burghausen.

What are your every day tasks as an Inside Sales/CSR?

At ACEO®, I actually have two functions. In my first function, I am employed as Customer Service Representative. As CSR I am responsible for the after-sales service. This position involves order processing what means to support our clients from order to delivery. I am the first contact person in case of questions and try to satisfy our customers, what I succeed in most of the…I guess actually every time. In my second function, I act as a Management Assistant. This includes travel and event management, appointment organization and placing orders. From time to time I am also responsible for the project management.

Sounds very extensive.

Yes, it actually was a challenge at the beginning! All of my three job components are equally important. It is important to neglect neither administration and assistance nor client service. Especially in the customer service I also needed to acquire knowledge about our technologies and our 3D Design Guidelines. When it comes to respond on specific customer questions, you need to get deeper insights into the topic 3D printing with silicones. Even though this is a new field for me, it is a lot of fun to learn about this topic. To my mind, the technology behind our offered service is exciting. Meanwhile, there are so many applications for our printed products. For instance, our prototypes are used in the medical, automotive and aerospace industry.

What do you like most about your job?

Apart from our fascinating technology, I like the team spirit at ACEO®. I enjoy being here since the beginning. We try to support each other in every situation. This helped me a lot to handle specific customer questions at the beginning. I also like a lot that I can apply my foreign language skills in French and English. Finally, helping our partners and customers and making them happy at the end of the day is very motivating for me.